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Upgrade your cell-free DNA experience

Know more. Learn how we have improved our Innatal® Prenatal Screen.

Progenity is dedicated to continuous product improvement. We have upgraded the Innatal Prenatal screen with the latest sequencing technology and improved chemistry.

In-depth verification and validation testing of the Innatal assay, using >1000 samples, was conducted as prescribed by multiple peer-reviewed guidelines.1,2,3

What did we find?

The Innatal Prenatal Screen is:

Precise – Agreement of >99% for repeatability and reproducibility4

Accurate – High concordance with known clinical outcomes4

Sensitive – Proven to identify affected fetuses with >99% sensitivity4

Specific – Proven to rule-out unaffected fetuses with >99% specificity4


PolyValidation_Thumbnail_0.jpgData Summary Sheet

A detailed summary of our verification and validation results.

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